Lingo Chaps Multilingual Transcription Services

Transcription is a specialized service used to convert the contents of an audio into written document. Transcription services play a significant role in documentation of an audio file, and are sought by many industries, organizations and institutions. Medical, legal, and financial transcriptions are some of transcription services that are most commonly sought by companies in different parts of the world.

 Lingo Chaps Transcription Services

Lingo Chaps provides a range of transcription services. These include:

 Medical Transcription

Lingo Chaps provides medical transcription services to hospitals, clinics, and various other institutions for conversion of dictated reports and procedures into document format. The dictated reports are generally related to history and medical treatment of patients. Our transcriptionists transcribe the audio files and present it in a written document form. The text files generated can be printed or retained for future use. Our medical transcriptionists have educational background in science and medical domains. They also have detailed knowledge of medical terminology, medico-legal issues, and various healthcare policies, procedures, and laws.

 Legal Transcription

Lingo Chaps provides legal transcription services to various law enforcement agencies for transcription of telephone calls and audio/video recordings of meetings focusing on legal matters. These transcribed documents can be used in legal proceedings.

 Financial Transcription

Lingo Chaps provides financial transcription services to clients operating in the financial domain. Our financial transcription services involve transcription of files with audio recordings of conferences, speech, and discussions on financial matters.

 Broadcast Transcription

We provide top-notch services for transcription of audio and video content to be broadcasted through television, radio, webcasting, or other means. Our transcriptionists understand the importance of accuracy in transcription of audio/video that is to be broadcasted. They know that if a transcription has errors, then the whole broadcast program can be ruined, due to misinterpretation of the content.

 Our Team

Lingo Chaps has a team of expert transcriptionists, editors and project managers who are able to do high-quality transcriptions for our clients. Our transcriptionists pay a great deal of attention while transcribing a file to ensure that the final output is accurate and of top-notch quality. We don’t do software or machine transcriptions and rely completely on human transcription to ensure that every file is completed with care and dedication.

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