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User Manuals

A user manual/instruction manual is a technical handbook which explains to an end user how to correctly perform a technical task. The technical tasks may vary from operating a machine, operating a chemical plant, drilling the oil field, and so on. User manuals are most important documents in some industries, because without these documents, it becomes almost impossible to perform technical tasks.

 Why User Manuals Need to be Translated?

Although English is the most popular global language, the truth is that most people prefer communicating in their native languages. The process of reading and writing becomes much easier in native language in comparison to foreign language. In this world, there are many countries which are passing through the phase of development and have great potential to be a market for the products of international companies. However, to make people aware of new products or services, a company needs to connect with them in their native language. Any engineering or product manufacturing company which sets up a manufacturing plant in a foreign country needs all user manuals translated into native language of the end users to enable them accurately operate machines with the help of user manuals available in their native language. In case of machine failure, troubleshooting becomes much easier if the manuals are in native language of the service engineers and operators.

 User Manual Translation Services

Lingo Chaps provides user manual translation services in all major global languages. We are in language translation industry for the past 10 years and have been serving our Indian and overseas clients by doing quality translations of their documents. We have a team of highly skilled translators who are experts in engineering and science subjects and have thorough knowledge of various industries. They have detailed knowledge of technical terminologies that are commonly used in their various source/target languages. All our user manual translators come from science/engineering educational background and have a minimum of bachelor’s degree. Most of our translators have over 5 years’ experience in translation industry.

 Industries We Serve

We provide user manual translation services for the following industries:

  • Chemical

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • Oil and Natural Gas

  • Computer Hardware and Software

  • Defense

  • Electrical and Electronics

  • Food and Beverages

  • Paper and Pulp

  • Telecommunications and many others

Types of Manuals Translated

 Apart from standard user manuals, we also provide translations for the following types of manuals:

  • Policy Manuals

  • Procedure Manuals

  • Standards Manuals

  • Guidebooks

  • Reference Manuals

  • Training Manuals

  • Operator Manuals

  • Service Manuals

  • Field Guides

Quality Management

Every user manual translation done by our translator is rechecked by technical and language editors to ensure that our customers get most accurate and flawless translations of their documents. Our translators understand that an accurate user manual translation can result in disastrous situations (such as in chemical industry, petrochemical refinery, an ammunition plant, etc.) and therefore pay proper attention while performing the user manual translation work.

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Contact us today to learn more about our user manual translation services. You may call us at +91-9319666453 or email at We are available 24 x 7 to discuss your project requirements.

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