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Lingo Chaps Technical Documents Translation Services

Technical translation job involves translation of documents of technical nature—such as product manuals, installation guides, engineering specifications, technical presentations, etc.—from one language to another. Technical documents are usually prepared by technical writers and have detailed information about how to accomplish a technical task. Technical documents are needed in various industries, such as energy, defense, petrochemicals, construction, IT, etc., and need to be translated accurately to avoid any confusion for end user, which may lead to a catastrophic situation at later stage.

 Need for Technical Document Translation

After globalization, many countries have opened their markets for foreign companies. In order to expand their business, many companies from Europe and U.S. are looking to establish their production plants in Asian countries like India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc., which are experiencing high economic growth rates and providing perfect business opportunities to foreign companies. For successful operations of a production plant, it is required that all technical documents/manuals related to functioning of machinery in the plant are available in native language of the workers who operate those machines. Therefore, translation services are sought for quality translation of technical documents from one language to another.

 Our Technical Document Translation Services

Lingo Chaps provides high-quality translations of technical documents in all major global languages. We are among the best technical translation service providers in India offering translation services at most reasonable rates. We have a team of specialist technical translators with thorough knowledge of engineering and science subjects, expertise in technical subjects, and proficiency in their source/target language set. Our translators have good understanding of the technical terminologies that are generally used in different industries. They know how to translate technical documents such that end users can easily understand it. We accept technical document in all common formats such as MS Word, HTML, Framemaker, etc. We also provide fast translation services to customers who need urgent translation of their technical documents.

 Technical Documents We Translate

Translators at Lingo Chaps provide accurate translations of different types of technical documents, including:

  •  Engineering Specifications

  • Product Specifications

  • Engineering Drawings

  • User Guides

  • Installation Guides/Manuals

  • Operation/Maintenance Manuals

  • System Requirement Documents

  • Safety Reports

  • Bill of Materials

  • Technical Presentations

  • Technical Requirements

  • Technical Proposals

  • Training Materials

  • E-Learning Materials

  • Service Manuals

  • Safety Manuals

  • Tender Documents

  • Data Sheets

  • Catalogs and many more

 Industries We Serve

Lingo Chaps serves clients from various industries including:

  •  Oil and Natural Gas

  • Petrochemical

  • Aerospace

  • Defense

  • Architecture

  • Chemicals

  • Engineering

  • Telecommunications

  • Electronics

  • Manufacturing and Construction

  • IT and Computing

  • Mining

  • Paper and Pulp

  • Automotive Industry

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