Medical Translation

Medical Translation

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Medical Translation

The job of medical translation involves translating different medical documents such as patient records, clinical studies, ultrasound reports, X-ray reports, lab test records, etc., from a source language to target language. Lingo Chaps provides medical document translation services in all major global languages to its Indian and overseas clients. We are among the leaders in India in providing medical translation services and offer high-quality translation at most reasonable rates in the industry.

 Why are Medical Translation Services Needed?

Medical translation services are needed in many situations. All big pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, and other healthcare companies sell their products in foreign countries. However before doing so, these companies have to inform regulatory boards and other government agencies about their products and their features. As a result, companies have to submit detailed documents in native/official language of that country, and after regulatory board approves their products, these companies are able to sell those products in that country. Medical translation agencies help in translating medical documents and presenting them in the format as required by local medical regulatory boards. Similarly when people migrate from one country to another in search of advanced medical facilities, they require services of medical document translation agencies for translation of their medical records, lab reports, etc.

 Skills of Medical Translators

Medical translators should have detailed knowledge of the medical and pharmaceutical field, and good linguistic and writing skills in the source/target languages. It is important that a medical translator is able to write clearly. Experience of working in medical field in the region where target language is used as the mode of communication is desirable. Many medical translators receive proper training of the medical field before they start doing translation of medical documents. Medical translators should also be able to prepare and use client-specific medical glossaries which are required to maintain consistency in large projects. Inconsistent use of medical terms is unacceptable and may result in loss of comprehension. The client-specific medical glossaries once created should be updated from time to time by the editor or the project manager.

 Medical Documents We Translate

Lingo Chaps translators are able to do translations for a wide variety of medical documents including:

  • Patient’s Medical History


  • Medical Bills


  • Clinical Trials Records


  • Pharmaceutical Documents


  • Clinical Study Results


  • Patient questionnaire


  • Immunization Records


  • Informed Consent Forms


  • MRI reports


  • Case Report Forms


  • Medical Training Documents


  • Ultrasound Reports


  • X-ray Records


  • Prescription


  • Drug Registration Reports


  • Medical Statements
  • Toxicology Reports


  • Health Insurance Claims


  • Machine Manuals
  • Medical Literature
  • Lab Tests Results


  • Patents Applications


  • Medical Journals
  • Admission/ Discharge Documents

Our Medical Translation Team

Our medical document translation team consists of language translators, subject experts, editors, and other support staff who work very hard to provide quick, high quality, and cost-effective translations for companies doing business in medical, pharmaceutical and clinical research domains. Our project manager ensures that every project is delivered on time and in the format as required by the clients. Our project manager is responsible for assigning best translators for every medical project, and for the quality of the delivered product.

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Please call us at +91-9319666453 to learn more about our medical document translation services or to get a quick quote. You may also email us at to discuss your project requirements.

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