Popular Languages

Lingo Chaps Popular Languages Translation Services

We offer different Popular language translation and interpretation related services including in the following  Languages:

  • Arabic

  • French

  • Korean

  • Serbian

  • Bengali

  • German

  • Latin

  • British Sign Language

  • Bulgarian

  • Greek

  • Malayalam

  • Spanish

  • Cambodian (Khmer)

  • Gujarati

  • Mandarin (Chinese)

  • Swedish

  • Cantonese (Chinese)

  • Haitian

  • Marathi

  • Tagalog

  • Croatian

  • Hebrew

  • Norwegian

  • Tamil

  • Czech

  • Hindi

  • Persian (Farsi)

  • Telugu

  • Danish

  • Hungarian

  • Polish

  • Thai

  • Dutch

  • Indonesian

  • Portuguese

  • Ukrainian

  • Finnish

  • Italian

  • Punjabi

  • Urdu

  • Flemish

  • Japanese

  • Russian

  • Vietnamese

We may be contacted 24×7 at +91-9319666453 or info@lingochaps.com for any query on Popular Languages translation related Services to English and vice versa and also for interpretation, localization, voice-over, sub-titling, Software Localization, Website Localization, Game Localization, Dubbing Services and any other services.

Popular Languages

  • Azerbaijani

    Azerbaijani Translation Services Azerbaijani language belongs to the Turkic family of languages and is generally spoken by the people of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic located in the South Caucasus. Azerbaijani or Azeri language is also referred to as Azerbaijani Turkish or Azeri Turkish. Azerbaijan has a population of approximately 8.4 million people. Capital city of the…

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  • Amharic

    Amharic Translation services  Amharic Translator in India Amharic is a Semitic language as well as the national language of Ethiopia. North Central Ethiopia spoken language is Amharic language. The official working language of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia .Thus, it has official status and is used nationwide. Amharic is also the official or working…

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