Translation services may vary from a solo translator to big companies offering the expertise of language translation and managing complex language projects. Lingo Chaps offers world-wide translation services with a team of highly skilled translators and language experts. We are an India-based translation service providing group serving clients from all over India and across the world. We assist our clients in overcoming the language and cultural barriers that usually arise in foreign markets. We are proud of our highly professional and hard-working team of translators who adapt completely to client’s needs and deliver the best quality translations which are at par with international standards.

Language We Translate

Lingo Chaps translates over 50 languages, including all major Asian, European, American, Middle Eastern, and Indian languages. Given below are the languages that we translate to serve the needs of our valued customers.

Translation for Asian Languages
• Chinese Mandarin
• Chinese Cantonese
• Japanese
• Korean
• Thai
• Malay
• Indonesian
• Burmese

Translation for Indian Languages
• Hindi
• Marathi
• Kannada
• Gujarati
• Punjabi
• Tamil
• Bengali
• Malayalam
• Telugu
• Oriya
• Assamese
• Urdu

Translation for East European Languages
• Russian
• Romanian
• Belarusian
• Ukrainian
• Polish
• Czech
• Latvian
• Lithuanian
• Serbian
• Georgian
• Bosnian
• Hungarian
• Bulgarian
• Kazakh
• Polish

Translation for Western European Languages
• French
• Greek
• Dutch
• Italian
• German
• Spanish
• English
• Turkish
• Flemish
• Portuguese
• Greek

Translation for Northern European Languages
• Danish
• Finnish
• Icelandic
• Norwegian
• Swedish

Translation for Middle Eastern Languages
• Arabic
• Persian (Farsi)
• Kurdish
• Turkish
• Dari
• Urdu
• Pashto

Translation for American Languages
• English
• Dutch
• French-Canadian
• Portuguese-Brazilian
• Spanish-Latin America

Contact Us

To learn more about our language translation services, or to request a proposal, please call us at +91-9319666453 or email at


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